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Our aim is to fill the gaps that exist in the country in terms of education, information, preservation and application of environmental legislation. In intervention terms, it has always been an organization focused on environmental research and advocacy.

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Promote and contribute to greater effectiveness and legal efficiency of decisions and management processes and  administration of land and natural resources, supported by technical-scientific knowledge, in defense of the principles of sustainability and good governance, in the ethical integrity and responsibility of public servants public, as well as justice and equity

Incentivar a contribuição das empresas para o desenvolvimento de empreendimentos públicos e privados social e ambientalmente viáveis, e apoiar a negociação de parcerias mutuamente vantajosas entre investidores e comunidades locais com partilha justa de benefícios decorrentes da exploração de recursos existentes em terras comunitárias

Contribute to the conservation of terrestrial and marine biodiversity,  encouraging the monitoring and research of species and habitats and ensuring the implementation of development projects that respect the principles of conservation and sustainable management of natural resources and promote public, private and community initiatives for environmental protection and preservation.

Promote the active, conscious and informed involvement of civil society, media, government and the private sector in constructively addressing and debating issues relating to environmental governance.

Ensure a high level of performance and relevance  in all programmatic and institutional management areas, as well as promoting the systematic monitoring of the evolution of the governance of land and natural resources in the country in the political component,  institutional, social, economic and ecological.

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